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Subhuti believes it is the job of the product organization to ensure a consistent stream of innovative products and services that customers love, and that deliver on the business strategy.

Moreover, we believe that Internet services are dramatically different than other types of products and services, and that the old techniques for “product management” and “product marketing” that derived from consumer packaged good companies, and that is taught in typical MBA programs, are inadequate for today’s Internet-based companies.

We argue that good training and development of your staff is essential, but we also argue that the right training is a function of the needs of your product organization, how the roles and responsibilities are defined, the capabilities of the people that staff these positions, your product development process (Agile/Scrum, Conventional/Waterfall, common variations), your company culture, the markets you compete in, and the specific types of products and services you are delivering.

Until we know the specific situation at your company, we don’t know the precise areas we may be able to help in (the Product Organization Assessment is designed to learn exactly that), but in many Internet software organizations, we hear the following types of concerns:

  • Frustration with the lack of innovation and significant progress in improving the company’s products and services.
  • The perception that many of the software releases may be technically sound, but they don’t actually make a difference, and the feeling that entire releases are often wasted or at least fail to meet their objectives.
  • Frustration around how long it takes to get software releases out.
  • Frustration among customers that feel like problems have existed for far too long and the company is not able to respond rustration from the members of the product team where they are unclear as to who is responsible for what, how decisions get made, and how to work together.

Businesses face new challenges as product lifecycles get shorter and customers become more demanding. Subhuti's long-term relationships with many product companies have evolved into engagements wherein it takes up the end-to-end ownership and management of the product lines. Subhuti works in close collaboration with its clients Product Management teams and eliminates the complexities and affordability issues associated with release management, feature management, roles and responsibilities, backward compatibility, platform certification, etc.

Subhuti's Expertise and Product Management Services include:

Subhuti's ability to provide Product Management Services is vastly enhanced by 10 plus years of implementing business applications and tools, within end-user scenarios, for its customers. This experience has given Subhuti an innate understanding of end-customer needs as well as typical deployment and integration scenarios across various domains.

Product companies can approach Subhuti's experienced product managers, domain specialists, business analysts and solution architects -- who have deployed enterprise products in similar domains -- to be part of their engagement teams. All these uniquely empower Subhuti to advise customers on functionality that is critical to their users and also help them with release management functions.

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We didn't think we could find a system that vould solve our complex needs at a reasonable price. Subhuti not only provided a system but also an excellent implementation team to make sure we were successful.

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By Motlag,
CIO, Trux International

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