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Product Engineering Services
Having architected and delivered several software products successfully, both independently and with the backing of Outsourced Product Development engagements with a motley of software companies.

Subhuti has achieved a deep understanding of the critical engineering needs of a software product company,
such as:

  • A robust and flexible architecture that ensures scalability, extensibility and ease of sustenance.
  • Iterative and incremental development approaches that can accommodate changing requirements.
  • Rigorous QA that aids detection of defects earlier in the product lifecycle and reduces the cost of quality.

Subhuti's Product Engineering Services straddle the entire spectrum of activities involved in Product Development. Its experienced team of architects helps deliver world-class product architectures, which address various aspects of a product like technology, scalability, extensibility and current as well as prospective non-functional software requirements, to clients. Subhuti also adds value to product architecture through its deep knowledge of the latest concepts in the area, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Subhuti's development services leverage its extensive knowledge on most of the common Application Development platforms such as .NET, Open Source, etc., as well as approaches specifically tailored to Product Development.

Talk to our experts if you wish to…

  • Know more about the benefits of offshoring New Product Development
  • Evaluate Outsourced Engineering Services to expand innovation capacity
  • Leverage Outsourced Software Product Development Services to achieve faster time-to-market

Subhuti has also helped a number of software companies move their products to the latest technology platforms to expand market reach as well as stave off platform obsolescence. It offers services such as migration of databases, application servers, development environments, user interfaces as well as reporting platforms. Subhuti's ability to provide such services is greatly enhanced by its "early adopter" partnerships with technology leaders that keep it abreast of the latest technologies much prior to their market release.

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We didn't think we could find a system that vould solve our complex needs at a reasonable price. Subhuti not only provided a system but also an excellent implementation team to make sure we were successful.

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By Motlag,
CIO, Trux International

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