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What did client say
"We really could not have got through with our new business and switches like this without the hard work and commitment of teams in Subhuti. It is an excellent achievement and I would like to personally thank all the teams for their fantastic contribution and keeping on top of these workloads. It is really appreciated by all our colleagues, in Gemica, who are all saying great things what Subhuti team have done for our growth!"

Iren Carlstrom, Director
Gemica AS, Norway
"Through the process of our merger, the Subhuti team helped re-engineering the application process on top of our badly designed product and delivered robust, detailed and efficient implementation. Their questions on data design resulted in considerable improvements in the designed logic, and saved appreciable time and effort. I am very sure this small company are in path to do wonders."

Sean Tobby, Program Manager
UK School Of Golf, UK
"We have found the right partner in Subhuti who provide us dynamic packaging system and also helped us converting many application automated on which we put lot of time before.

We evaluated some of the global IT majors, but chose Subhuti once we realized they approached our needs with deep technical skills, top management commitment and dedication."

Ozkan Murat, IT Manager
Detur Travel, Norway
I am fascinated with the work Subhuti team has done optimizing our web resources. They are real to work on SEO techniques and proved indexing to the search engines.  
I have been impressed with not only their technical expertise but also their organizational alignment and business knowledge understanding. Subhuti has been an extremely valuable business partner in all of our key strategic projects now.

Buzz Busby, Director
CostaComs, Spain
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Operations and Analysis
Most businesses store data in a variety of forms and formats. Web services have increased the efficiencies in organizing data centrally to make effective use of data and simpler way to search what is needed on a single click.

For any business meaningful use of data requires business intelligence.

Subhuti IT services includes specialized business intelligence solutions which cater needs of the business, easy to deploy and faster time to implement keeping low cost of execution.

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