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Subhuti Strengths
Subhuti is proud to have an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable team of enthusiastic professionals who attribute to its continuing success year after another. The strength of our team lies in the diversity of talents and experience that our employees coming from different academic and business backgrounds bring with them.

Our team is composed of Engineers, Science  graduates, MBAs and part time Research scholars all having a strong understanding of underlying software technologies and the businesses in which we operate. Our team is a right mix of young, enthusiastic professionals ready to face new challenges as well as experienced professionals. What makes our team special is the sense of camaraderie and belongingness we share that makes it easy to translate our efforts into best services for our clients.

Executive Members
Mr. Nilesh K Triyar, CEO

A graduate in Electronics & Communication engineering from Bangalore University and Masters Diploma in Advance Software Design and Development, he has more than 14 years experience in software development, IT consultancy, project management and an extensive experience of business development and client relatationship management.
His key strengths are good organizational ability, communication skills and team management who work well in high stress environments with short deadlines, utilizing a high degree of change management through high performance less costly solutions. He drives overall strategic vision for the company with a focus on customer success.
Mr. Prafulla K Singh, CTO

As a graduate in Electronics & Communication engineering, Mr. Singh started his career in early 2000 as a System Programmer with Purple Vision Technologies a leading boundary scan for chip Integration Company in India.
With an internet boom his interest quickly moved towards internet based application which shifted his work on the areas of application development and he joined IP Cell technologies where he was involved in various complex Internet services oriented project and later he lead the team at senior level.

It was these two years at IP Cell Tech that gave direction to his interest in Information Technology based on internet application helped crystallize his entrepreneurial instincts towards formation of an application software development firm.
In his past years he has conducted numbers of in-person training sessions for educational and private organizations; consequently, he understands how serious and how difficult the challenges are when organizations make the decision to train what is often a disparate workforce, on unclear and ever-evolving technological guidelines.
Mr. Nagesh Sriraj, Head-HR Services

Mr.Sriraj holds bachelor of engineering degree in Computer Science engineering from Bangalore University and Master in Computers from University of Atalanta, USA.
He worked for 13 years and lately as a Strategic Leader at the Techno Resource Consulting firm in South Africa, where he was involved in providing technical and project-management support for the ERP implementation.

Currently he is looking after company training division and HR services. He is also responsible for defining and implementing the market strategy, business development, product and service strategy, product marketing and management, marketing communications and public relations.
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We really could not have got through with our new business and switches like this without the hard work and commitment of teams in
. It is an excellent achievement ....

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By Iren Carlstrom,
Director, Gemica AS

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