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Subhuti's adoption of Global Delivery Model : A Snapshot

Review and Feedback

  • We have monthly reviews with team managers and core team on the progress.
  • We have bimonthly reviews and feedback sessions with our business partners and vendors.
  • We have employee feedback mechanisms to gain satisfaction across our organization.
  • We assess our expenditure on IT as a whole and review any expenditure reduction mechanism that can be put in place.


  • We try to explore and develop technological capabilities and means to drive revenue.
  • We strive for successfull, optimized and usefull alignment of IT to support businesses effectively.
  • We try to leverage our partners' and vendors' services and capabilities to ensure better operational efficiency.
  • We co-operate with our partners in their transformation activities and processes that help us too in our business

Continuous Improvement

  • We conduct trainings and have a framework that encourages and seeks to benefit from new ideas to improve our operational efficiency.
  • Our collaboration with partners and vendors is well aligned and focused on value addition in our activities.
  • We put in continuous efforts to develop operation and execution models to improve our efficiency.
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What did client say
We really could not have got through with our new business and switches like this without the hard work and commitment of teams in Subhuti. It is an excellent achievement ....

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By Iren Carlstrom,
Director, Gemica AS

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