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Infrastructure & Knowledge Network

Equipped with all modern computing and technological aids, coupled with stringent security measures and backed by a knowledge networked work environment, our development centre has it all.

Our sustained investment in our infrastructure ensures that we are not behind any global giant in our efforts to provide our team a stimulating environment so that the solutions built for our customers are efficient and effective to the best extent possible.

Our technological aids ensure that we are fully geared to establish communication and collaboration across transcontinental teams in real time so that our development centre serves your business needs while virtually becoming an extension of your team.

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Respect for individual, all cultures and faiths.
  • Professional development of an individual.

Customer focused Project Management

The scope, time, cost and quality of our projects are largely governed by our clients’ requirements. Our project management tries to best optimize all these parameters so that we add maximum value for clients and help them realize the benefits to the fullest extent possible. Led by able project management team we are proud that we generally exceed our clients’ expectations on all these project aspects.


Quality Focus

We understand the importance of a work well done. Hence, we put uncompromising efforts to ensure that our deliverables meet the highest industry standards and give you the utmost satisfaction.

In order to achieve this level of quality we have independent Quality Assurance Team (QAT) that provides our clients and management with visibility into all processes and the products being built. The Quality Assurance Team works with the developer team right from early stages of a project to establish plans and select appropriate standards, procedures and guidelines. The regular quality checks add value to the software projects through out the software life cycle.

We have adopted the global quality standards in tune with our ambition to get assessed for quality certifications: ISO 9001:2000, CMM and Six Sigma in the near future.



Business continuity & Disaster Recovery plans

A disaster recovery or business continuity plan is essential to protect the well being of any organization. We understand this and have adopted a framework, to ensure that sound continuity practices are adopted and maintained throughout our organization.

We have resources and planning in place to addresses  issues like :

Storage, Status, Communications, Testing, Training and awareness, Crisis team, Network contingency, Power contingency, Recovery location and General contingency.
These measures ensure that our clients get uninterrupted support and services.

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Work @ Subhuti
Subhuti values encourage career development. Working with us one can expect career growth that reflects and sometimes exceeds the pace of the company’s growth. Career paths are taken seriously at Subhuti where individual excellence is recognized and employees are encouraged to be proactive.
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