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Subhuti Business Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model

The Global Delivery Model (GDM), pioneered by Infosys in the early 1980s, emerged as a disruptive force in the industry and led to the rise of offshore global outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is at the core of the GDM, which refers to the philosophy of:

  • Breaking pieces of work into logical components, and
  • Distributing these components geo-locationally, to perform them where it creates the maximum value.

When Subhuti commenced its operations, we were quick to realize that we can offer our clients best product quality and cut down costs of development and maintenance by adopting GDM. Subhuti has successfully leveraged this model to develop software faster and as per the client's business needs. Subhuti has offshore development center at Bangalore, India.


Engagement Model

One of the biggest concerns in outsourcing is that of risk identification, and risk mitigation thereof. A client engagement model is hence an important critical success factor to any company. Subhuti provides the flexibility and agility to the clients to choose the engagement model that best suits them, and then works within its framework to provide the maximum benefits to the clients. Few of the engagement models supported by Subhuti:

  • Time and Materials and Time and Materials with not to exceed clause
  • Fixed price project
  • Milestone based payment schedule
  • Monthly resource based payment
Subhuti Business Delivery Model : Features
  • Initiation
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Execution
  • Review and Feedback
  • Transformation
  • Continuous Improvement

Offshore Development

Subhuti has offshore development centre at Bangalore. With our sound process and effective knowledge management in place, we are able to provide, the best in class services to our clients across the world. Generally the tasks accomplished at our offshore development center are:

  • Understand the specifications and come up with a detailed design.
  • Responsible for the progress of the project.
  • Ensure that the outcome matches to the specifications given by the client.
  • Crucial and continuous support to the onsite center

Our offshore development centre has up to date infrastructure facilities. Our emphasis on training, not just on technical and process skills, but also on teamwork, communication, and on the ability to work in interchangeable roles, attribute to the success of our offshore business development model.

Onsite Development

We deploy a team on client’s site depending on the requirements. Generally, the tasks accomplished at the onsite center include:

  • Gathering initial information about the project through direct interaction with the client.
  • Understanding the requirements/specifications clearly.
  • Planning and initial designing as to how the project will go about.
  • Interact directly with the clients to accommodate any changes, if there are any, so as to minimize/eliminate last minute changes.
  • Execution/Implementation of the project in accordance with client’s expectations and making sure that the client is fully satisfied with the end results.
  • Dealing with the client and managing partnership.
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